Aluminet Shade Cloth

Our quality shade fabrics are manufactured to exact specifications featuring tough, lock stitch construction. Our taped binding is a seat-belt like material and is stitched to the entire perimeter of your shade cloth at no additional cost. Grommets are spaced every 2 feet.

There are no hidden charges for grommets, binding, or fabrication. Available up to 32 ft wide!

  • Reduces wind speed, evaporation, and heat buildup in structure
  • 20-25% lighter than woven shade cloth with dramatically more strength
  • Can be cut on site and will not unravel
  • Resists most horticultural chemicals, sprays, and detergents
  • Tough lock stitch knitted construction: Resists rips, tear, and fraying
  • No edge taping and minimal sewing required thanks to knitted lock stitch

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